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Whether you’re a job seeker in need of a robust, professional resume to land that entry- or executive-level position…

Or, you’re a small- to mid-sized business owner or an individual in need of compelling web copy to boost your reader engagement… I can help.

“I was in desperate need of help from a professional writer and Shanda was exactly what I needed. She provided a professional and prompt service that I was more than pleased with and I definitely recommend her!”

Shalonda D.

Career Coach & Trainer, Texas Women’s Center


Your resume is a marketing tool reflective of your personal brand. It’s the first  voice that employers hear. How you market your skill set  and experience determines whether they’ll continue listening.

I’m sure you’ve heard the adages: no two snowflakes are alike, nor do two people have the same fingerprint. Your resume should sound like you. And it should target a specific job posting. So let’s leave the one-size-fits-all category to blue jeans and trendy jackets – not resumes. Team up with me – and together – we’ll develop a customized resume showcasing your strengths and accomplishments.


How would you describe your web copy’s persona? Is it reminiscent of Grumpy Cat? Well, one thing’s for sure – there’s no shortage of boilerplate copy on the internet. Your copy should pique readers’ interest so they’ll stay engaged. And by understanding your readers’ needs, your copy will resonate with them.

Add spice to your copy chowder to give it a distinctive flavor. Informative, entertaining, concise, with a clear call to action. Optimized for search engines and humans. Be memorable. Contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help you cook up some delectable prose.

Let’s get started!