Timing is Everything

Delayed Gratification

Identify opportunities to increase audience engagement outside of the pulpit; inspire donors to give beyond Sunday Service; and boost revenue generation to undergird the global humanitarian efforts of the organization.

Optimized YouTube channel ( housing The Potter's House and T.D. Jakes Ministries content, from Sunday Service live streams and exclusive musical performances to intimate interviews with thought leaders and symposiums.

360 digital marketing strategy across social media, web, email, and SMS help drive 2.46M+ viewers to Bishop T.D. Jakes' official YouTube channel every week.

Timing is Everything earned 7.7M views and 116K likes and Delayed Gratification earned 6.8M views and 54K likes.

Earned Gold YouTube Creator Award, in collaboration with digital marketing team, reaching 1M+ subscribers.

These videos, among countless others, help generate ~$250K+ monthly in YouTube monetization to support the organization's global hands.